2017 PRWNR Results_All_Days.xlsx

2071 PRWNR Results_All_Days.pdf

PRWNR 6-29-17 DR Results.pdf

PRWNR 6-29-17 DR Youth Results.pdf

PRWNR 6-30-17 DR Results.pdf

PRWNR 6-30-17 DR Youth Results.pdf

PRWNR 7-1-17 Sprint Results.pdf

PRWNR 7-2-17 DR Results.pdf

PRWNR 7-2-17 WW Classic Results.pdf

PRWNR 7-2-17 WW Combined Scores.pdf

Opening ceremony, yesterday at Binnette Park.  Racing started today, Thursday.


Photo: R.W. Estela, Gyro Geo Aerial Services LLC


8 thoughts on “Events”

    1. I don’t have a list as you suggest, but generally speaking, the following is true:

      F-14, Racing class canoes

      Generally “composite” boats, kevlar, fiberglass, carbon and combinations. Modern, currently available would include Wenonah Minnesota II or their Advantage or Prism solo boats, as well as custom boats from Savage River and Grassy River.

      Older models include Wenonah Whitewater X, XX, II, several White Lightnings, and the Wenonah C-1W solos.

      F-16, Rec class canoes

      Generally new, “plastic” boats, ABS or better Royalex, or new material from Esquif.

      The most desirable boats seem to be the Old Town Penobscot 16, 17, the rare 18; all are Royalex and have a nice hull design. Most solo paddlers is this class use the 16. Also, the Wenonah Sundowner 17 tandem; a nice Royalex hull.


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