Waivers: All competitors and volunteers must submit a signed waiver before practice or any event participation.

  • Online Waivers (Adult / Youth): (link)
  • Paper waivers available on site during Onsite registration periods

Registration & waivers and changes will be accepted for any event until 4 PM of the day preceding the event. No exceptions.

Classes and Age Groups

The following classes will be competed in both Junior (15-18*) and Senior (19+*) age groups:

K1W           K1M

C1W           C1M            C2

*Ages determined as of December 31, 2015



  1. Northeast Regional Champions will be awarded in Wildwater Sprint, Wildwater Classic, and Wildwater Combined.
    • Sprint ranking will be determined in each class as a percentage of the fastest combined sprint times in each class.
    • Classic ranking will be as a percentage of the fastest time in each class.
    • Combined ranking will be as lowest combined sprint and classic percentage in each class.
  2. All starts will be on one-minute intervals.
  3. Attendance at pre-race meetings is mandatory. Safety will be discussed and start order, start times, and bibs will be announced.
  4. Properly fitting pfd, properly secured hard-shell helmet, and shoes must be worn at all times.
  5. Boat control measurement is waived; however, this competition is limited to proper wildwater canoes and kayaks as defined by the International Canoe Federation rules.
  6. Boat must be made unsinkable with the proper use of buoyancy air bags in both the bow and stern.
  7. Grab loops or handles must be in workable condition on both bow and stern.

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