The Penobscot River

The racecourses are on a stretch of the Penobscot River that has been recently restored to preindustrial free-flowing condition through the removal of two dams (the Great Works and Veazie dams). The river has been essential to people here for thousands of years, for sustenance, traveling, and industry. Now, with this stretch returned to a more natural state, this large river can again support a vibrant ecosystem and exciting recreational opportunities. The Penobscot River is an industrial river and debris from the  logging era remains in the Great Works, Basin Mills, and Veazie rapids.


4 thoughts on “The Penobscot River”

    1. If you look at the Course Map, see Pins numbered 4 and 5, and also the location noted “Former Veazie Dam Site Viewing.”

      Bring binoculars; it is a wide river.

      At Pin 5, the Basin Mills rapid, you will need to walk the portage trail and work your way to the river. At today’s water level you can get out on to some rocks and perhaps wade to some of the better viewing spots.


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